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The Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is committed to supporting the efforts of probation and parole agencies across the nation to leverage contemporary research to implement promising supervision policies and practices that are evidence-based, data-driven, and smart on crime.

The Council of State Governments Justice Center (CSG Justice Center) recently released a new report entitled, Lessons from the States: Reducing Recidivism and Curbing Corrections Costs Through Justice Reinvestment. The report lays out lessons and strategies related to justice reinvestment - a bipartisan, inter-branch process in which policymakers use data to design strategies that increase public safety and reduce spending on corrections.

It has recently come to the attention of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) that an increased number of grant applications submitted for the Office of Justice Programs BJA solicitations this year are being rejected by The rejection is due to the use of special characters in the file names of attachments that applicants attempt to upload to accompany their grant applications.

The National Institute of Justice's "Five Things Law Enforcement Executives Can Do to Make a Difference" provides five critical concepts that are proven to help law enforcement executives ensure the safety of both their officers and their communities. These “five things” come from years of research, analysis, testing, and evaluation. Following this guidance will allow law enforcement agencies to achieve higher impact, while reducing overall costs.

The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) is seeking nominations for its annual NCJA Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Awards. These awards honor innovative and successful criminal justice programs that use promising practices to address important crime and justice issues in the communities.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Assistance is seeking applications for a national officer safety and wellness training and technical assistance coordinator to continue, and enhance, the Preventing Violence Against Law Enforcement and Ensuring Officer Resilience and Survivability (VALOR) program.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Justice Programs Bureau of Justice Assistance is seeking applications for funding to support strategic and innovative field-initiated programs. This initiative supports the DOJ mission by contributing to the development of strategic innovative programs and strategies that will improve the criminal justice system; reduce crime and recidivism; and promote a safe and fair criminal justice system.

On March 15, the Department of Justice (DOJ) commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Gideon v. Wainwright. This historical event honored the Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling – made 50 years ago – that state courts should be required under the 14th Amendment to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who are unable to afford their own attorneys.