Visit Strengthening the Sixth, A Website Dedicated to Sixth Amendment Rights

In October 2020, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, together with their partners Association of Prosecuting Attorneys, National Center for State Courts, and RTI International, launched the Strengthening the Sixth website ( The website offers helpful information about the application of the Sixth Amendment along with various carefully curated resources. Resource topics include access to witnesses and evidence, confrontation clause and cross examination, impartial and representative juries, public trials, right to counsel, speedy trials, and vanishing trials.

In addition to accessing resources, state and local jurisdictions can request TTA related to their application of the Sixth Amendment.

This website was developed as part of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Justice For All: Sixth Amendment Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) grant. The grant is “aimed at enhancing the capacity of state and local jurisdictions to protect the core rights enshrined in the Sixth Amendment.”

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