View AEquitas’s Just Exits Webinar “Achieving Justice: The Prosecutor’s Role”

AEquitas, a Bureau of Justice Assistance training and technical assistance provider, recently published their webinar “Achieving Justice: The Prosecutor’s Role” as part of their Just Exits for Survivors of Exploitation initiative. The webinar focused on the following objectives: “Achieve justice for survivors who intersect with the criminal justice system; increase off ramps from exploitation by providing meaningful access to appropriate services; and provide and expand criminal records relief for survivors.” Presenters included Jane Anderson, Attorney Advisor, AEquitas; Survivor Advocate Joy Friedman, President, Joy Friedman Consulting; and Survivor Advocate Jeri Moomaw, Founder and Director, Innovations Human Trafficking Collaborative. Anderson facilitated the webinar and Friedman and Moomaw, both survivors, shared their lived and professional experiences and discussed the prosecutor’s role in achieving justice for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.

View the webinar.