Resources Available through the National Training System for Treatment Court Practitioners

The Center for Court Innovation developed a platform to share resources with the justice field, Treatment Courts Online: The National Training System for Treatment Court Practitioners. Using this website, treatment court practitioners have access to courses related to adult drug courts, juvenile drug treatment courts, the Veterans Treatment Court model, and Healing to Wellness Courts in tribal communities.

Drug courts seek to connect offenders that have substance use addictions to drug treatment and judicial monitoring, disrupting the pattern between addiction and crime. Juvenile drug treatment courts focus on providing treatment to drug-involved juvenile offenders to reduce substance abuse and recidivism, while the Veterans Treatment Court model adds a structured component related to mandatory court appearances, attendance at treatment sessions, and substance use testing that many veterans respond to favorably given their military backgrounds. Healing to Wellness Courts adapt the drug court treatment model to the specific needs of a tribal community.

Within these categories, Treatment Courts Online system users may:

  • Enroll in lessons,
  • View practitioner perspectives,
  • Engage in virtual site visits, and
  • Access resource libraries.

The Treatment Courts Online website is funded through a Bureau of Justice Assistance grant. Access the full website to explore training and resources.