Recruitment and Retention Resource Inventory

Everybody's got an opinion on what law enforcement should be doing. And I'm like, 'Man, if they got all the answers, we're always taking applications.'

James Patterson, Walk the Blue Line (2023)


It is widely acknowledged that law enforcement agencies across the country are facing a recruitment and retention crisis. The issue has been widely discussed and studied in recent years, and while many agencies continue to grapple with ongoing staffing challenges, others have seen notable recruitment and retention success. Given that solutions are available, this then begs the question, “What are the barriers to implementing proven solutions?”

Last month, the Bureau of Justice Assistance and the COPS Office convened a group of law enforcement organizational leaders in Washington, D.C., to discuss this critical question. To aid in the discussion, BJA NTTAC developed a resource inventory (shared below) to showcase solutions and promising practices already in play in law enforcement jurisdictions around the country.

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