Read Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason’s Blog about BJA and the White House’s Body-Worn Camera Expert Panel Meeting

Last week, the White House and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) convened more than 100 experts to discuss the benefits and challenges related to the deployment of police officer body-worn cameras. Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason’s blog post “Guiding Law Enforcement in the Development of a Body-Worn Camera Program,” describes how law enforcement leaders, researchers, prosecutors, public defenders, victim advocates, privacy advocates, and other stakeholders discussed a wide range of topics, from procurement and maintenance to storage and training during the event. The meeting was held in response to President Obama’s December 2014 announcement of a Body-Worn Camera Partnership Program that will assist law enforcement agencies considering adopting the technology. BJA will develop an online toolkit based on the discussion that can serve as a one-stop shop of resources on body-worn cameras.

To learn more about the Body-Worn Camera Expert Panel Meeting, the Body-Worn Camera Partnership Program, and BJA’s future plans to help law enforcement agencies navigate this evolving terrain, please read Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason’s blog post by clicking here.