OJP Awards More Than $47 Million in Grant Funding to Combat Human Trafficking and Assist Victims

The Office of Justice Programs (OJP) awarded more than $47 million in grant funding to investigate and prosecute human trafficking; support experienced providers in offering victim services; and strengthen community response to the sexual exploitation and forced labor of victims.

The grants were awarded under nine OJP fiscal year 2017 programs, including:

  • Specialized Services for Victims of All Forms of Human Trafficking;
  • Legal Access to Victims of Crime: Innovations in Access to Justice Programs;
  • Improving Outcomes for Child and Youth Victims of Human Trafficking: A Jurisdiction-wide Approach;
  • Comprehensive Services for Victims of All Forms of Human Trafficking;
  • Specialized Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance for Service Providers;
  • Enhanced Collaborative Model to Combat Human Trafficking;
  • National Anti-Human Trafficking Training and Technical Assistance for Law Enforcement Task Forces;
  • Research and Evaluation on Trafficking in Persons; and
  • Mentoring for Child Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Domestic Sex Trafficking.

In addition to these programs, the Office for Victims of Crime transferred more than $16 million to the Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Special Needs Assistance Programs to address the housing needs of human trafficking victims, as well as dedicated approximately $100,000 to the Human Trafficking Protection Unit within the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Civil Rights Division.

For more information about these awards and the grant funding recipients, read the DOJ press release.