Next Week is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week

Join the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) in observing National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) from April 8 to April 14. This year’s theme is Expand the Circle: Reach All Victims, which emphasizes the importance of inclusion in victim services and addresses how victim services professionals, organizations, and communities can work together to ensure every victim of crime has access to services and support.

OVC has released various resources to assist organizations participating in NCVRW. The 2018 NCVRW Resource Guide contains outreach tools and theme artwork to use in awareness campaigns, as well as tips for collaborating with partners and developing a public awareness campaign using traditional and social media. OVC’s Crime and Victimization Fact Sheets offer snapshots of current research victimization and crime statistics in the United States, covering topics such as crime trends, homicide, assault, financial crime, intimate partner crime, urban and rural crime, and burglary, robbery, and theft.

Additionally, OVC has gathered highlights of other resources, including: