Learn About Medication-assisted Treatment Reentry Programs

Join the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s Comprehensive Opioid Abuse Program (COAP) team to learn about two medication-assisted treatment (MAT) reentry programs during the webinar “Reducing the Risk of Opioid Overdoses: MAT Reentry Programs” on Thursday, August 16 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. ET. During this webinar, participants will learn how different communities are addressing the opioid epidemic through jail- and prison-based MAT reentry programs.

Panelists will review two programs: the Middlesex, Massachusetts Sheriff’s Office’s Medication Assisted Treatment and Directed Opioid Recovery (MATADOR) Program and the Kentucky Department of Corrections’ Substance Abuse-Medication Assisted Treatment (SAMAT) program. Both MATADOR and SAMAT utilize naltrexone injections in combination with substance abuse education, counseling, and treatment services. Discussion topics will include program eligibility, implementation strategies, lessons learned, and outcomes and data, among other subjects.

The webinar will be presented by:

  • Sheriff Peter Koutoujian, Middlesex, Massachusetts Sheriff’s Office; and
  • Jeannie Waldridge, Administrative Branch Manager, Kentucky Department of Corrections, Division of Substance Abuse.

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