Learn About Focused Deterrence in the Latest Smart Policing Initiative Problem-Oriented Policing Guide

As part of its Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) Problem-Oriented Guides for Police series, the Center for Problem-Oriented Policing released a new Response Guide, Focused Deterrence of High-risk Individuals. This guide provides an overview of the theory and practice of focused deterrence, a crime reduction strategy that advocates for concentrated law enforcement attention and increased communications and offerings around social services for selected high-risk offenders (e.g., prolific or violent offenders).

Using this guide, police officials who are considering the launch of a focused deterrence initiative (FDI) can find information on:

  • The logic behind and core elements of focused deterrence;
  • Key features of the structure and operation of FDIs;
  • Evidence of the effectiveness and fairness of various FDIs;
  • The application of focused deterrence to different crime problems (e.g., gang violence, drug markets, domestic violence, organized crime); and
  • Examples of how communities have applied focused deterrence strategies.

The Problem-Oriented Guides for Police series is a collaborative effort between the CNA Corporation, Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, and SPI, a Bureau of Justice Assistance initiative that helps police agencies develop and implement innovative, research-based practices to improve policing performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

To learn more about focused deterrence, read the full report.

Additionally, learn about the application of focused deterrence strategies by the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department by watching a recording of the BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center’s webinar, “Focused Deterrence Strategies to Address Violent Offenders in Madison, Wisconsin.”