Learn About BJA NTTAC’s New TTA Resources for Crime Prevention Strategies!

Through NTTAC, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) will offer new training and technical assistance (TTA) resources to support communities through the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) TTA Program. CPTED is a problem solving approach that considers a broad array of factors, not just crime. It requires a systematic analysis of crime events and the conditions and factors that contribute to opportunities for crime. As a result of using this approach, a set of proactive programs or strategies are tailored to the problem and the location. By using CPTED principles, an array of community leaders, government agencies, and local institutions are involved- each of which has a role to play in defining the problem and deciding upon an appropriate solution, as well as accountability for the long-term improvements. Through CPTED principles and strategies, environmental factors, such as locations of high crime, will be assessed and community-specific recommendations will be developed to give communities the tools to make physical improvements and policy changes to prevent future criminal activity. If your agency is interested in receiving support with assessing your community’s environmental conditions that may be leading to crime incidents, complete the online TTA request form. Learn more about CPTED and other new TTA resources.