Justice and Public Safety Information Management Graduate Certificate

To respond to the rising demand for justice professionals with a comprehensive and strategic knowledge of policy, best practices, and strategy related to both information technology (IT) and data management, George Washington University and the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Institute have partnered to offer a graduate certificate in Justice and Public Safety Information Management. The purpose of this program is to help participants understand the challenges and contemporary solutions related to information sharing and safeguarding, while applying current concepts and standards of enterprise architecture to justice and public safety fields. This program integrates past, current, and future policy principles related to IT in justice and public safety and strives to help justice professionals build collaboration in government IT projects. Students acquire a focused skill set in just three semesters that they can then apply in the fight against crime, terrorism, and other pressing security issues.

For more information about the Justice and Public Safety Information Management graduate certificate, visit http://cps.gwu.edu/justice-and-public-safety-information-management.