Explore the New, Online Police-Mental Health Collaboration Toolkit

On October 17, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) launched the Police-Mental Health Collaboration (PMHC) Toolkit, an online resource that will help law enforcement agencies work with mental health providers to respond to people with mental illnesses effectively and appropriately. The toolkit builds on the real-life experiences of law enforcement officers to offer best practices, data, sample procedures, checklists, and other tools to help agencies plan, implement, train, manage, and measure PMHC programs.

Introduced at the International Association of Chiefs of Police 2016 Annual Conference and Exposition, the PMHC Toolkit was co-developed with the Council of State Governments Justice Center. During her remarks at the conference, Attorney General Loretta Lynch labeled the toolkit as a “one-stop learning center to help departments craft comprehensive responses.”

To check out the PMHC Toolkit, click here.