Explore a New Guide Outlining Effective Actions and Activities for Combating Violent Crime

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) and the Major Cities Chiefs Association (MCCA) recently released a resource that outlines successful actions and activities for combating violent crime across various communities in the United States. The Violent Crime Reduction Operations Guide offers guidance on combining best practices and research-based strategies to support effective crimefighting efforts.

By using this guide, police chiefs and sheriffs can learn more about the critical elements of any violent crime reduction strategy, including leadership support, community engagement, partnerships, accountability, technology, resources and sustainability, analytics and intelligence, and training and tactics. Additionally, the guide describes steps for developing a violent crime reduction strategy. The guide also provides several case studies of successful crime reduction strategies implemented across the nation, including the BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center’s work with the Detroit, Michigan Police Department and Michigan State University to implement a Crime Analyst Placement Program to reduce crime. Finally, BJA and MCCA provide a list of resources to assist local communities, including grant programs, training, and technical assistance opportunities.

To learn more about strategies and resources for reducing violent crime, read the full guide.