Don't Forget to Register for IACA’s Crime Analysis Symposium for Law Enforcement Executives

The International Association of Crime Analysts’ Advancing Policing Through Innovation & Science: A Crime Analysis Symposium for Law Enforcement Leaders will provide law enforcement executives with the tools to incorporate crime analysis and evidence-based policing into their everyday practices. The symposium is co-sponsored by The Police Foundation and will take place on July 16, 2014 at the Microsoft Conference Facility in Cambridge, Mass.

At the symposium, law enforcement executives will learn how to expand the use of crime analysis throughout their agencies to process data they are already collecting. The program will explore how agencies of all sizes can integrate approaches such as problem-oriented policing, hot-spots policing, community policing, predictive policing, and intelligence-led policing. The symposium will also include discussions about “what works,” and will make recommendations based on nationally-recognized best practices.

The symposium presenters are:
•Dr. Rachel Santos, Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University.
•Dr. Roberto Santos, Commander, Pt. Saint Lucie (FL) Police Department.
•Dr. Laura Wyckoff, Bureau of Justice Assistance Crime Analysis Fellow, Police Foundation Science Advisor.

This symposium is funded and supported by the Bureau of Justice Assistance . Registration is open to law enforcement executives and command staff only. The session is free; however, travel expenses incurred will be the responsibility of attendees.

To register for this symposium or for more information, please click here.

IACA’s Crime Analysis Symposium for Law Enforcement Executives