Discover Onsite Training Opportunities and Webinar Recordings for Task Force Commanders and Law Enforcement Leaders

The Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) Center for Task Force Training (CenTF) Program offers multiple training opportunities to equip task force commanders and other law enforcement leaders with the knowledge and tools to engage in strategic decisionmaking and increase community and officer safety.

CenTF’s offerings include the two-day, onsite, classroom-based “Task Force Commanders Training,” which covers topics such as task force leadership, policies and procedures, personnel and training, operational planning, confidential informant management, risk management, and critical incident management. View upcoming sessions for CenTF’s “Multijurisdictional Task Force Commanders Training” on the TTA Catalog to learn more and register:

CenTF also provides online training, including the “Critical Components of Task Force Success” webinar series. This series highlights key strategies for 21st century law enforcement task force operations, including task force administration, operations planning and confidential source management, violent gang task force management, and challenges in addressing the opioid epidemic. To view recordings of the webinar sessions, log in to (or create an account for) the CenTF site, then visit the Training and Technical Assistance web page.

For any questions about the onsite trainings or webinar sessions, please contact CenTF.