COPS Office Report Highlights Reflections of Rank-and-File Officers on Community Policing Efforts

The Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) recently released the “Rank and File: Reflections on Emerging Issues in Law Enforcement” report, which highlights the viewpoints of 40 rank-and-file officers from across the nation on implementing their agencies’ community policing policies and operations. The report outlines the officers’ insights into how officers, law enforcement leaders, and communities can work together to reduce crime. The report also touches on a wide range of justice issues, particularly illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and violent crime. The report captures the experiences, opinions, and ideas of officers who participated in the COPS Office’s August 2017 roundtable. During the event, attendees discussed the importance of supporting officer morale, safety, and wellness; explored emerging issues related to the opioid epidemic; and provided forthright assessments of the current state of policing.

View the report for more information.