The COPS Office Announces $14 Million in Grant Funds to Combat Methamphetamine and Heroin

On Tuesday, March 29, the Department of Justice (DOJ) Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) announced that $14 million will be available in grant funding in order to address and reduce violent crime through programs focused on methamphetamine use and production, and the distribution of heroin and other opioids. The funding will comprise two competitive grant programs – the COPS Anti–Methamphetamine Program (CAMP) and the COPS Anti-Heroin Task Force (AHTF) Program.

The COPS CAMP will provide $7 million in funds to investigate illicit activities related to the manufacture and distribution of methamphetamine, including precursor diversion, laboratories, or methamphetamine traffickers. The COPS AHTF Program will provide $7 million in funds to locate or investigate illicit activities related to the distribution of heroin or unlawful distribution of prescriptive opioids, or unlawful heroin and prescription opioid traffickers through statewide collaboration.

A related resource for communities dealing with heroin and opioid usage is the BJA Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit, which provides law enforcement with the knowledge and the tools to reverse heroin overdoses. Check out the toolkit today – it has recently been updated with new resources that can be used in response to the growing opioid epidemic.

View the full DOJ COPS announcement.

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