BJA NTTAC Provides Crime Analysis Resources to Portland, Oregon Police Bureau

BJA NTTAC is offering resources to the Portland, Oregon Police Bureau (PPB) to facilitate the delivery of Crime Analysis on Demand training and technical assistance (TTA) resources. Through the TTA resources, the PPB aims to improve workflow and processes in order to advance operations as they see an increase in demand for crime analysis.

BJA NTTAC is providing funding for Julie Wartell, a crime analyst and BJA NTTAC consultant, to assist the PPB by assessing the current state of crime analysis in Portland, providing recommendations to the PPB, and suggesting areas PPB can make enhancements to maximize their crime analysis capabilities. Some of Ms. Wartell’s recommendations include improving areas such as staffing and training, marketing and education, products and functionality, and technology. These recommendations will allow the PPB to make informed decisions and create a strategic plan focusing on how they want to move forward with implementation.