BJA NTTAC Launches an Interactive Web-based System for BJA TTA Grantees

BJA’s National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC) is pleased to announce the launch of the BJA Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) Collaboration Portal – a new interactive web-based system that facilitates collaboration among BJA staff and BJA TTA grantees. The TTA Collaboration Portal will enhance information sharing capabilities and make it easier for BJA staff and TTA grantees to work together in the provision of TTA services. One of the goals in designing the TTA Collaboration Portal was to offer BJA TTA grantees the ability to share information and ideas on TTA activity trends, search TTA partner directories, and access a geographic information system to visually see the distribution of BJA TTA activity across the United States. These features and functionality incorporate feedback we received from our BJA TTA grantees. Additionally, BJA TTA grantees who support similar criminal justice topics will also be able to interact with one another through various interest groups and communities of interest. Within the TTA Collaboration Portal, users can create posts and pose questions to their peers and BJA staff on message boards, upload documents and resources, share best practices, and communicate information about upcoming meetings – and then tag this content by a criminal justice topic to make it searchable by others – a capability similar to many social media and networking sites. Active BJA TTA grantees can access the TTA Collaboration Portal through BJA NTTAC and selecting “Create Account” as a new user, or “Log In” if you already have a username and password. We are excited about providing this new technology offering and using it to support our mission of providing TTA services to the nation’s justice system professionals. Feel free to contact us for more information at 1-833-872-5174 or