Applications Open for the 2024 National Public Safety Partnership Cohort

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) is seeking interested jurisdictions for the 2024 National Public Safety Partnership (PSP) cohort group. Eligible interested applicants will be law enforcement agencies serving mid-to-large-sized jurisdictions (populations of 50,000–500,000-plus) who are experiencing precipitous increases in violent crime and interested in building capacity to identify and implement violent crime strategies and improve community engagement.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) established PSP to provide an innovative framework to enhance coordinated federal support of state, local, and tribal law enforcement and prosecution authorities in building capacity to reduce violent crime. PSP is designed to promote interagency coordination by leveraging specialized law enforcement expertise with dedicated prosecutorial resources to promote public and community safety—with the end goal of reducing violent crime and making our communities safer places to live and work. In addition to leveraging the expertise of justice professionals, part of a comprehensive approach to violent crime reduction includes strengthening the role of communities as co-producers of public safety.

PSP’s strategic focus is to support communities that (1) struggle with sustained levels of violent crime far in excess of the national average and (2) would benefit from DOJ’s support in developing their own capacities.

PSP is a three-year commitment from DOJ to deliver no-cost customized site-specific training and technical assistance (TTA). PSP is not a grant program, and participating law enforcement agencies do not receive direct funding through this initiative. Agencies benefit from interacting with PSP network participants, learning from leading practitioners and academics, and accessing the many violence reduction tools and resources available to the sites. Please visit the PSP website to learn more about the initiative.

Jurisdictions are encouraged to complete the Violent Crime Reduction Self-Assessment Tool. The self-assessment tool can help a jurisdiction understand its status on different aspects of addressing violent crime as well as identify gaps in strategies. Please click the link to learn more and to complete the assessment. The PSP team will be notified once you submit your responses. The assessment results will be considered in reviewing your request for TTA. Please note, completion of the Violent Crime Reduction Self-Assessment Tool is not required.

In 2024, DOJ will review potential candidates to join PSP. Interested jurisdictions should complete the TTA Request Form and Statement of Interest provided below. In addition, interested jurisdictions are encouraged to obtain letters of support from their United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) and their respective state/county/district attorney. Participation by both the USAO and your local state/county/district attorney is critical given their role in addressing violent crime reduction in your jurisdiction. However, please note, letters of support will not necessarily be a determining or eliminating factor in a jurisdiction being chosen as a PSP site. Pilot PSP sites are eligible to reapply.

In consultation with U.S. Attorneys and DOJ law enforcement partners, sites will be selected through a quantitative and qualitative evaluation process. This process will consider, at a minimum, whether a jurisdiction:

  • Has violent crime rates well above the national average.
  • Is presently under-resourced in its capacity to drive down violent crime.
  • Has demonstrated readiness to participate in this collaborative initiative and coordinate efforts with the local Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) program.
  • Is a mid-size or larger jurisdiction.

In addition, in making final selections, DOJ will consider geographic diversity (to ensure representation from jurisdictions in different geographic regions with distinct characteristics; although jurisdictions of any size may apply and be considered) and the availability of DOJ resources to support the location. Please note that eligible applicants are limited to units of local government and federally recognized Indian Tribal governments that perform law enforcement functions (as determined by the Secretary of the Interior). Please complete and sign the TTA Request Form and Statement of Interest (application) and submit no later than 11:59pm ET on Wednesday, July 31, 2024. Selected cities will be notified by BJA.

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Please email with any questions.