NCJA Webinar Reframing Public Defense

Thursday May 15, 2014 - 07:00pm to 08:30pm EDT
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Sponsored by the National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA), the Department of Justice’s Access to Justice Initiative (ATJ) and the National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA), Reframing Public Defense builds off of the 2013 Strengthening Public Defense: Understanding State and Federal Resources webinar. The third in a series of webinars which seek to help the court and public defense community enhance their competitiveness for local, state and federal funding, Reframing Public Defense will provide practical examples of how public defender offices have changed how they frame their work and built partnerships that enhance their effectiveness and improve justice system outcomes. In addition to a high level discussion on using a systems based perspective to reframe the work of public defenders, attendees will hear how the Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy and the San Francisco Public Defender's Office have leveraged their efforts to obtain new state, local, federal and foundation funding.

Presenters for this webinar Include:
-Edward C. Monahan, Public Advocate, Kentucky Department of Public Advocacy
-Jeff Adachi, Public Defender, San Francisco Public Defender’s Office
-Jenni Katzman, Senior Counsel, Access to Justice- Department of Justice
-Nancy Gist, Interim Director, Defender Legal Services-National Legal Aid and Defender Association
-Simin Shamji, Manager, Clean Slate and Specialty/Reentry Unit - San Francisco Public Defender’s Office

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