Prosecutor and Agent Team Investigations

Wednesday Jan 08, 2014 - 12:30pm to 04:30pm EST
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By working as a closely coordinated team, agents and prosecutors can produce more effective investigations and prosecutions and have a greater impact on drug trafficking organizations and other targets. Prosecutor and Agent Team investigations are the engines that drive successful OCDETF, HIDTA, conspiracy, complex, sensitive, drug and major case investigations, whether short-term or long-term. A prosecutor and an agent are more effective when they understand the demands of such investigations and prosecutions, and the role that each plays in carrying an investigation all the way through to a successful prosecution. Once Prosecutor and Agent Teams develop they carry over into future cases and establish professional relationships that last for entire careers, making the prosecutor and the agent more productive and effective, and more valuable to their agencies.

In this course, experienced and inexperienced agents and prosecutors will learn to work effectively as a team, to understand their roles and the importance of close coordination, and how to pursue an investigation as a team from the beginning to a successful finish. These methods and techniques can be applied to current and future investigations.

The instructor is a former agent and federal prosecutor who is highly experienced in working as part of agent – prosecutor teams, in both roles. His unique experiences as an agent and as a prosecutor provide invaluable insights into the demands, opportunities and benefits of closely coordinated prosecutor and agent team investigations.

The course is designed for law enforcement professionals and prosecutors who wish to be more effective in conducting OCDETF, HIDTA, conspiracy, complex, sensitive, narcotics and major case investigations and prosecutions.

Columbus Police Academy, 1000 North Hague Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43204 43204
United States
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Sector Solutions Inc
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Brian Rankin