NCJA Webinar - Expanding Stakeholder Involvement: Promoting Inclusive System Planning

Wednesday May 22, 2013 - 07:00pm to 08:30pm EDT
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As criminal justice agencies seek to promote change, address public safety concerns, or plan for resource allocation, they often look to established commissions, boards, and councils. These planning bodies can be very helpful for promoting strategic planning, coordinating efforts, and addressing issues that affect multiple systems or agencies. Despite the potential for comprehensive and inclusive system planning to decrease crime, strengthen neighborhoods, and achieve cost savings, not all system partners that work with offenders on the front and back ends of our justice system have been consistently included in state and local system planning efforts. Whether one is talking about behavioral health systems, public health agencies, social service providers, public defenders, community corrections agencies or employment service programs; there are often numerous non-traditional partners with overlapping client populations, interests and missions. Recognizing the value of inclusive system planning, the Department of Justice's Edward Byrne JAG solicitation encourages inclusive system planning and in 2012 for the first time required applicants to submit a program narrative that not only describes the strategic planning process, but also identifies the stakeholders currently participating in the process. Expanding Stakeholder Involvement: Promoting Inclusive System Planning will explore how different levels of government have looked to improve their justice systems by engaging with non-traditional system partners. Presenters will discuss how their organizations have looked to expand the number of involved stakeholders, the benefits that can come with inclusive system planning, and address some of the challenges that can arise with expanded representation on planning and advisory bodies. Speakers for this webinar are Edison R. Aponte, Associate Deputy Director, Bureau of Justice Assistance; Melanca Clark, Senior Counsel, Access to Justice Initiative; Jeanne M. Smith, Director, Colorado Division of Criminal Justice; and Dr. Lee Ayers, Oregon Criminal Justice Commission, and the Jackson Country Public Safety Coordinating Council.

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The National Criminal Justice Association