Intellectual Property Enforcement Strategies for Prosecutors: Counterfeit Abatements

Thursday Mar 22, 2012 - 06:00pm to 07:00pm PDT
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The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office invites you to participate in a webinar featuring innovative legal remedies to address intellectual property crime. As part of its BJA funded Counterfeit Abatement Prosecution Program (CAPP), the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has initiated successful counterfeit abatement strategies through the use of unfair competition laws plead in conjunction with abatement statutes.&nbspWhen traditional enforcement actions have been fully exhausted, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office and the Los Angeles Police Department work in partnership to begin the abatement process, a powerful legal remedy to confront intellectual property theft.

    This webinar, the first in a two part series, will discuss:
  • the effectiveness of unfair competition laws and abatement actions to suppress intellectual property theft
  • the necessary legal tools and strategies for a successful counterfeit abatement action

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office will present a second webinar this summer to discuss advanced counterfeit abatement applications and case studies, common legal issues, and implementation strategies.

  • Kevin Gilligan, Deputy City Attorney, Counterfeit Abatement Prosecution Program, Safe Neighborhoods and Gang Division
  • Rick Ishitani, Supervisor, Los Angeles Police Department, Detective Support and Vice Division, Anti-Piracy Unit
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Phone: (202) 347-5610
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City of Los Angeles
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Matthew Vanden Boogart