Intellectual Property Crime Investigation Training (Nov 2012)

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012 - 01:00pm CST
Event Description: 

This one-day training is intended for investigators and prosecutors. The course uses a mix of lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises.

Students are provided with a state-specific workbook that will include statutes that may be applied to IP crimes, sample organizational documents for IP investigations, and other useful resources for IP investigations and prosecutions. Attendees are also provided with two resource CDs: one for law enforcement and one that can be used by the general public. These CDs contain information useful to investigators and prosecutors working on cases that involve intellectual property violations.

This course will:

- Raise awareness of the variety of IP crimes and the criminals who commit these crimes
- Raise awareness of the health and safety threats resulting from IP crimes
- Increase awareness of the economic and social impact of these crimes
- Increase students’ ability to organize and carry out investigations and prosecutions of IP crimes

Luling, LA
United States
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National White Collar Crime Center, National Association of Attorneys General