Cellular Phone Exploitation In Criminal Investigation (Jan 2014)

Friday Jan 03, 2014 - 01:00pm to 09:00pm EST
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This class is designed to introduce advanced cell phone exploitation skills and techniques to law enforcement professionals. The course not only covers the commonly known data we can recover from the devices but also the hidden, unknown and deleted data files, photos, SMS messages and internet history that can help make or break a case. Our trainers and guest speakers deliver cutting edge tactics, techniques and best practices regarding the exploitation or “ripping” cellular phones. The course is designed for law enforcement professionals and prosecutors who wish to stay two steps ahead of the foreign and domestic technically savvy suspects, organized crime groups and other individuals we investigate. This course also covers the legal aspects required to search and seize data from these devices.

Seizing the Device and Legal Issues

Cellular Technology, the History & Future

The Cellular Network
•Network Operating Systems
•How a Cell Phone Works

Cell Phone Evidence & Forensics:
•Data Found on Handsets
•Data Found on SIM Cards
•Physical vs Logical Extractions
•Prepaid, Clone, Knock-Off & Burner Phones
•Identifying International users vs the stateside user
•XRY, Cellebrite or other freeware

Handheld Devices:
•PDAs, Smartphones, GPS, iPods & Tablets Equipment required for exploitation
•Stand-alone exploitation vs a networked lap top

Cellular phone towers
•GPS Tracking & triangulating the geo locations of the handset

Presenter: Detective Bob Moledor
Bob Moledor is currently a Detective with the Columbus Division of Police and combat veteran with over 24-yrs of service. He has over 29 years of combined local and federal law enforcement experience, 14 years of which has been investigative units. He has become one of the preeminent experts in the area of Cellular telephone technology as it applies to criminal investigations. In his current assignment with the FBI Columbus Metro Violent Crimes Task Force he conducts historical analysis of Cellular records, Geo-location and wireless tracking and telephone forensics as well as provides assistance and instruction to local, state, and federal law enforcement officers and analysts. He is an expert witness and has testified in both State and Federal Courts on Cellular technologies, as well as provided expert consultation to numerous County Prosecutors offices throughout Ohio.

Guest Presenter: Brian Rankin
Mr. Brian Rankin is a 21-year combat veteran. He has over 18-years of combined law enforcement experience with the Ohio Attorney General’s OOCIC, ATFHQ and ICEHQ as a Senior Crime Analyst. He completed (3) tours at Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and served over four years as a senior law enforcement liaison to Special Operations Command (SOCOM). He is a SME in the area of telephone toll analysis and recognized as an expert witness in state, federal and the Iraqi courts. His experience ranges from HIDTA, OCDETF, RICO, 6E/Grand Jury cases with participation on over nineteen state and local Task Forces. He has instructed twenty-five Investigative Technique courses throughout the US to over 500 Special Agents, detectives, Intelligence Analysts and Joint Task Force - 6 counter-drug military analysts.

Guest Presenter: Kip Hunsinger
Mr. Kip Hunsinger is a 20-yr combat veteran and CELLEX trainer for NATO Special Operation Forces HQ (NSHQ). Kip has been the Identity Operations Manager for NATO SOF since December 2008. He spent over a year in Afghanistan with the NSHQ Technical Exploitation Operations Team FWD, training and advising NATO SOF units in exploitation. His experience includes MOS 19D- Cavalry Scout, and 31B- Military Police. Previous tours include Tactical Advisor/Technical Exploitation Tech with TF Paladin, FOB Salerno C-IED Team, and Criminal Intelligence Analyst and UNMIK-P Liaison with KFOR. He currently divides his time between USSOCOM in Tampa, FL and NATO SOF Headquarters in Mons, Belgium.

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United States
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