The Active Shooter - Whole Community Approach to Preventing Mass Casualty Violence

Friday Jan 10, 2014 - 01:00pm to 09:00pm EST
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Course Overview
Mass Casualty Violence (active shooter) incidents can shatter the very core of a community as well as the entire nation. Rare in occurrence, active shooters do not tend to have a discernible pattern or method to the selection of victims, and as such they appear to be unpredictable, hard to detect, and the incidents evolve quickly and generally end with a violent conclusion. No longer strictly a law enforcement issue, the whole community must take an active role and responsibility; a “First Preventer” mindset in the prediction, prevention, protection, mitigation, and response to these horrific and tragic events.

This interactive, discussion-styled presentation will look at similarities and commonalities, pre-incident indicators, and proactive measures that can be taken. This will be an integrated, holistic approach to the prevention of these tragedies, and will provide some options for consideration in preparing.

Includes short, with the addition of basic ICS, Emergency Planning, SPOT (pre-incident behavioral indicators), critical decision-making (run-hide-fight), development of threat assessment teams, and other tools, and resources to assist and prepare for an active shooter situation.

Time: Lecture only (Short) - 2.0 hours
Interactive lecture and hands on planning/training workshop (Full) - 8.0 hours
Audience: Public/Private stakeholder (business, schools, public safety or general public)
Optimum Class Size: 40
 Tables broken in to pod - spreading students evenly as possible
 Projector
 Screen
 Sound system and plug for computer
 Sound system for instructor (lapel microphone)
 Handouts for each student
 Sign in sheets (name, agency/company, title, phone, email)
 Tent cards, note pads, pens
 Wi-Fi internet access (not mandatory)

Columbus Police Academy, 1000 North Hague Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43204 43204
United States
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Sector Solutions Inc
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Brian Rankin