Welcome to TTA Today

Welcome to TTA Today, the new and official blog of the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) National Training and Technical Assistance Center (NTTAC). In the weeks and months ahead, through this blog, we will feature first-person accounts of how the assistance provided by NTTAC and its partners impacts state, local, and tribal communities across the nation. These posts will be written by leaders from engaged communities, providers of training and technical assistance (TTA), and policy makers here at BJA. Through bloggers’ posts – and the commentary we hope they spur – we hope to sustain a conversation around what it means to deliver effective criminal justice training and technical assistance. BJA’s NTTAC is now in the midst of expanding upon and improving its use of technology to create an easily accessible and user-friendly environment for the field to request TTA and for TTA providers to engage in this work. Through this blog and other features of this website, we will share the latest news on BJA’s TTA efforts and report back to you on the impact of TTA in your communities. The launch of the new website is just the first phase in our effort to accomplish our vision for the more robust, enhanced NTTAC. The new website features tools and resources for both providers and communities in need of TTA services. Stay informed on the latest criminal justice developments and training opportunities through the NTTAC news features, announcements, and calendar of events. In addition, we will share TTA spotlights to highlight those TTA engagements that have demonstrated success in achieving meaningful impact in the criminal justice system. We are excited about the launch of the website and will continue to keep you informed on future program developments. We look forward to your involvement as we continue to evolve. Your feedback is important to us; if you have ideas for future blogs, TTA spotlights, news features, or events, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!