Wellness Institute for Public Safety Inc

The Wellness Institute for Public Safety (WIPS) creates and administers first-responder-specific health wellness programs. Its niche platform gathers vital signs on a daily basis via wearable devices, and implements behavior modification solutions via telemedicine. It addresses both the physical and mental health needs of police/ambulance/fire workers and their families. It also incorporates a longitudinal research component based on the Framingham Study.

Jennifer Zeunik Consulting, LLC

JZC was created to provide organizational and strategic business services to criminal justice (and related) organizations. JZC focuses on justice policy research, program management, strategy development, publications development, training and technical assistance management, business development and organizational assessment. 

John Cavin

John Cavin is a self-employed writer, editor, and proofreader who works on criminal justice-related documents and web-site content from the Council of State Governments and Fox Valley Technical College, and on academic and educational documents from professors, editorial services, and textbook publishers. Before moving from Washington, DC, to Minneapolis in 2010, he worked primarily as a contractor in federal environments for more than 11 years, most recently in the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice.