TTA Catalog

BJA NTTAC's online TTA Catalog is a feature for BJA TTA providers to market upcoming webinars, training opportunities, and technical assistance to the justice community based on their needs and locations. The BJA NTTAC team also shares conferences, trainings, and events from across the field that may be of interest to the justice community. 

The “Training Catalog” tab lists webinars, training opportunities, and conferences, both upcoming and completed within the past year, while the “Event Calendar” displays these webinars, trainings, and conferences in a monthly calendar view. The “Upcoming Events” tab only displays upcoming webinars, training opportunities, and conferences. The “TTA Resources” tab displays technical assistance, defined as specialized guidance on a particular topic, tailored to a requesting agency; programs, defined as larger TTA programs offered by BJA TTA providers that have various offerings on a particular topic; and training. Lastly, the “BJA TTA Grantees” tab displays a list of current BJA TTA grantees.

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