IACA’s Crime Analysis Symposium for Law Enforcement Executives

This symposium will provide law enforcement executives with the tools to incorporate crime analysis and evidence-based policing into their everyday practices, making their agencies more effective and efficient in reducing crime in their communities. Executives will be shown how to expand the use of crime analysis throughout their agencies to process data they are already collecting.

American Indian Justice Conference

The American Indian Justice Conference offers tribes across the nation an opportunity to learn strategies to enhance tribal justice systems while providing essential information on court development, drug and alcohol abuse, probation and parole, SORNA Implementation, and other relevant topics. Join other tribal community justice professionals, practitioners and technical assistance providers to address multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional approaches to the development of justice programs.

Planning and Implementing Indigent Defense Programs Under TLOA

This event will provide practical guidance to tribal communities on planning for and/or implementing an Indigent Defense program in their communities while being mindful of the provisions of the TLOA.  Participants will leave this training with an action plan to guide them after the training.

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American Probation and Parole Association (APPA) Annual Training Institute

The APPA Annual Training Institute is targeted towards community corrections personnel. The Training Institute will feature over 75 workshops, specialized committees (including Tribal Issues Committee), and a Resource Exposition.  At this event, APPA will also host a "Talking/Listening Session" on developing collaborative supervision partnerships between tribal/non-tribal community corrections agencies.

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On-site Technical Assistance to Legal Aid of Wyoming

This event is for the provision of on-site technical assistance designed to map the processes of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribal courts to enhance the services that can be provided by the Legal Aid of Wyoming.  This process will allow for better communication, understanding, and provision of legal counsel.

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