dark web

Webinar – The Future of the Dark Web

This presentation will look at how individuals make money through “big business” in relation to the dark web. The presenter will also look at how encryption is deployed throughout the internet, how it will likely be used in the future, and how it will affect criminal investigators throughout the world. Specifically, the presenter will look at the wide-scale use of end-to-end encryption and the potential commercial adoption of anonymizing networks like The Onion Router (Tor).

Join the Justice Clearinghouse and the National Sheriffs’ Association for their webinar “The Future of the Dark Web” on October 20, 2020 at 1:00–2:00 p.m. ET. Attendees will learn about “big business” and how people make money from it in relation to the dark web.

Webinar: “Understanding the Dark Web: Challenges & Case Studies for Justice Professionals”

Criminal activity has always sought to remain hidden from law enforcement. Traditionally, this often meant committing crimes at night, without witnesses, or finding physical ways to disguise or confuse the offender’s identity (e.g. masks, attire, speed). Online environments present new opportunities for criminals, as physical contact is reduced and more daily activity (particularly financial) takes place on the internet. Even then, there is a specific portion of the internet in which there has been significant criminal enterprise—the Dark Web.