Alcohol and Substance Abuse

IASAP CAPPS: Regional Prior Lake, MN

When risk factors affect the health, safety and quality of life; it takes a community response to positively impact change. Successful IASAP planning requires interagency cooperation and community member involvement. Interagency cooperation and community involvement in problem identification and development of effective strategies are significant for making changes and improvements. This training is designed to help executive teams develop and implement comprehensive interagency action plans based on community needs.

IASAP CAPPS: Regional Tulsa, OK

Gain support and commitment from stakeholder agencies to support your IASAP grant, provide the capability for collection and analysis of information and statistics to  accurately record progress on IASAP grants, develop a 30-60-90 day action plan for next-steps, identify long-term goals that will sustain the team throughout 2 or 3-year projects.